letter of Prisoner of conscience GB.. humans rights

The dept of Human Research St Barths London have been using me for illegal human experiments and my family all banned unworkable and untried weaponry including a 'depravity programme' over Mass, University Lectures and even as I was teaching and working on hospital words, given them by Kaspar Weinberger to try out at the Brits request, because they had set off the alarms at the Pentagon, Nasa and Brussels (Briton is in it) Students world wide paid to torture 'practice on her body''...whilst committing crimes destruction of all Human Rights called 'loopholes and cementing' for the new Britain. All mail is confiscated, mainly paintings to stop exhibitions and poems as all my work has been used and reused by GB and is now being rollercoasted in the States. Permission from the impotent fool prince charles for 50 million and london to be US rocket trajectorat. Taliban banned internet because this dept put a bogus doctored film by Esther rantzen of 25 year old with my head on it, world wide to taint me..absolute filth supposed to be my ex fiance , a Afghanistani whose five doctor brothers live in Germany......with filthy diary made up by jews of department Murdered my dad Semen Telewny ''legally'' satirist, freedom fighter. Renate Fekete Poet Painter teacher...

Renate Sheffield

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