John J Donna: Earth is our common home

WE ARE ONE. Earth is our common home. The new century, the new millenium, the new age, is a time for new beginnings. The time has come for the sons and daughters of Earth to look around at the world we have made and the civilization we have built, to ask where we wish to be at the end of the new century, at the end of the new millenium, and to consider the individual and collective steps which are needed to bring about lasting planetary peace.

Lasting planetary peace is ours for the having, but we, the people of Earth, must be the ones to achieve it. World War III will be the last war. Through it our planet will awaken and our people will unite. We will make it happen. Let us believe this because through belief comes strength and through strength our planet will be reborn.

As we look ahead to the future, as we dare to envision the world our children will inherit, a global renaissance, an age of illumination, founded upon planetary unification, becomes possible. For this dream to become a reality, each and every citizen of Earth is called into service. Each of us has something to contribute. We must save ourselves.

In this most critical hour . . . as the Internet, the mass-media power of television and radio, the cultural fusion of the Information Society, the emergence of the global economy, the formation of the European Union into a continental superstate moving inexorably toward federation, as boundaries and borders between nations, peoples, races, religions, and cultures are erased around much of the planet . . . as world-wide threats such as World War III, terrorism, fundamentalism and extremism, resurgent nationalism, social disorder, large-scale organized criminal activity, the spread of drugs and arms trafficking; ecological devastation including the destruction of the ozone layer, the mass and accelerating extinction of species, deforestation, and global climate change; increasing human misery including starvation, lack of clean drinking water, the spread of AIDS, lack of access to basic medical care and vaccinations, overpopulation, modern slavery, sexual servitude and exploitation, the inequality of women, continuing racial discrimination, the growing gap between rich and poor and the economic oppression of workers; the monopoly of unchecked multi-national corporate oligarchy; ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, repression of freedom and denial of fundamental human rights, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction . . . force trans-national, planetary cooperation and push the West toward immediate Union . . . as the completion of the human genome project, advances in cloning, genetic engineering, and quantum physics give humanity unprecedented power over creation, unlock the secrets of life itself, bring the ancient dream of eternal physical life and elimination of disease closer, reveal the existence of a Universe which is old beyond imagining and comprised of 100 billion galaxies, each home to 100 billion stars and countless extra-solar planets, and hold forth the promise of easy, inexpensive access and passage to the Moon and planets of our own solar system . . . the time has come for us to harness the potential of mind, heart, and spirit, to utilize the power of the spoken and the written word, magnified by the tools of Earth's mass-media, to awaken our planetary people, so long slumbering in ignorance and superstition, paralyzed by fear and mistrust, enchained by the slavery of poverty and oppressed by the tyranny of greed, blinded, wounded, and numbed by the culture of death and seduced into sensual bondage by the culture of lust.

The time has come for us to turn our attention, most particularly in the West and Russia where the process of human unification is most advanced, toward governmental, legal, economic, monetary, technological, scientific, societal, and spiritual planetary unification.

Even as we seek victory in World War III and seek to turn the tragedy of war toward the creation of a safer, more peaceful planetary society, even as we must fight the causes of war while we find ourselves in the midst of war, we, the people of the West and Russia, must, as individuals, as families, as communities, as nations, do our utmost to facilitate a discussion, to provoke a debate, and to initiate comprehensive education through which our emerging planetary collective consciousness may be raised, focused, and directed toward the greatest challenge in human history and the greatest task of this generation: planetary unification.

Respectfully Submitted,

John Donna

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