Justin Giorla: There has been one bright spot in this darkest of tragedies

Dear Editor, There is no denying the affects that the terrorist attacks have had on American's way of life. We now have doubts about flying, about being in a place with large amounts of people, and even stepping foot in New York or Washing ton ever again. However, there has been one bright spot in this darkest of tragedies. The American Spirit appears stronger now they ever before. It presents me with the question, "Does America really love a war?" Since September 11, there has been an outpouring of American patriotism. Millions of Americans have been hanging flags, singing songs, raising money, and donating blood for the cause. Never before have I ever seen so many love America this much. Now, I realize that I an only 17 years old and haven't seen how Americans rallied during World War II, but this has to compare. So many Americans are ready for vengeance and don't even know whom to avenge, but they are still behind it. It made me think of what America could be if it was always like this? Just imagine if America was always this patriotic? I realize that these terrorists have dramatically changed the lives of all Americans forever. The amount of pain and anguish faced by everyone who lives here will hopefully never be seen again. But just look at our selves now, standing tall and united as that beacon of freedom we are supposed to be. God Bless America,

Justin Giorla

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