Luc Schuerman: I discovered your internet site in English by accident

Dear Sirs,

The habit here is to turn to CNN or the BBC for news (or non-news) so I must confess that it is only today and by accident that I discovered your internet site in English. And I would like to express my appreciation for your mentioning (and providing links to) several kinds of news sources, in addition to articles by Russian authors.

Finding your site has given me a more balanced and objective source of news, especially on current events in Afghanistan.

Perhaps there is a niche that you may wish to explore. A few days ago, I read on Dekra that the ground forces who raided Afghanistan suffered more that 20 casualties, resulting from heavy Taliban resistance ... and from accidentally shooting at each other. But I don't know if I can believe Dekra, which has a smell of propaganda and sensationalism about it. There is also the story of the helicopter which supposedly lost its landing gear flying against a fence; at the very least this seems like a strange accident...

So maybe here is an interesting avenue for to explore: the news behind the news. Find out and report the truth!

Congratulations on your site. Regards Luc Schuerman

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Author`s name Editorial Team