Our reader Paul Bassaw: Cluster Bombing in Afghanistan

The U.S. has now shown that it has no moral right to classify anyone as a terrorist, including those responsible for the WTC attack. It is as much a terrorist as Al-Quaeda since in its blind rage for the WTC attack, it is prepared to kill innocent civilians using cluster bombs in Afghanistan despite the world-wide ban on the use of this type of weapons. The people the U.S. is bombing in Afghanistan are victims twice, once to the Taliban whom they never elected or put in power, and again, they are victims of the U.S. who are quite prepared to use any measures, however obnoxious, to achieve their ends. It is obvious that their awesome firepower is not matched by similar awesome courage to send in their ground troops, do what has to be done, and get out. They choose instead, to keep their distance, bomb Taliban and civilians indiscrimniately, and let British and Australian troops do the dangerous ground work. The next time some U.S. child asks "Why do they hate us so?", do not answer that they are jealous of your prosperity, or do not like freedom, but say instead that they see you as terrorists, no different form Al-Quaeda.

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Author`s name Editorial Team