Cascade: Concerning The Anthrax Conundrum. Trial of Terror Leads Back to the US by Justin Raimondo

I usually do not read articles forwarded from, oops I mean, but I did read the article by JUSTIN RAIMONDO: THE ANTHRAX CONUNDRUM. TRAIL OF TERROR LEADS BACK TO THE US. He says: (quote) As the news is confirmed that the strain of anthrax transmitted via mail is the AMES strain, born and bred not in Iraq, or the Soviet Union, but right here in the good old US of A, the gasps of disappointment are practically audible. With one blow, the carefully constructed edifice of circumstantial and highly questionable EVIDENCE dug up by the ON TO BAGHDAD crowd has come crashing down. It's kind of sad, in a way: all that careful work - the complex conspiracy theories, so meticulously constructed, the chorus of voices perfectly attuned - has come to naught. (unquote) No Mr. Raimondo, there were no gasps of disappointment and no, this is not evidence for the anthrax crisis in America being perpetrated by homegrown terrorists. A cow died from anthrax in Ames, Iowa about 50 years ago. A sample of the anthrax bacterium from that animal was taken. That sample has been used since by research laboratories doing work on developing anthrax vaccines or diagnostic tests and has been shared between university and private research laboratories the world over. The Ames strain is THE research anthrax standard in the world today. Even though it came from a dead animal in Iowa, it can now be found in just about any country doing biological research. I invite you to Pravda.Ruуs Forum for more information. See: The science of anthrax (part 2).

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