John J. Donna: A New Beginning

Every moment is a new beginning. All we have to do is believe, try, and change our minds. Change our minds and we change our lives. Change our lives and we change our planet. The new millenium and World War III are not signs of the end of the world, but only its rebirth. We must seek to raise the awareness of our people, educate our children, and facilitate a planetary discussion of: The need for hemispheric Union of the West and the Russian Federation through the negotiation and ratification of a Constitutional Treaty of Unification and the establishment of the Terran Federation, supported by a mandate from the people as expressed through free, democratic plebiscites in every signatory nation-state. The need for allied planetary action to bring a decisive end to World War III and lasting global peace, order, and security, immediately followed by direct, comprehensive, and irreversible planetary unification through the deliberate and systematic expansion of the Terran Federation. The need for completing the world-wide infrastructure of the planetary Internet and eliminating the digital divide between rich and poor by providing complete, comprehensive, and equal global wireless access to the planetary Internet at every socio-economic level of Earth's population. The need for universal acceptance, recognition, and enforcement of an expanded definition of planetary human rights to include economic, social, and environmental security; specifically guaranteed access to food, clean drinking water, clean air, housing, clothing, medical care, education, employment, and humane working conditions. The need for social policies which reflect a culture of life and which work to eliminate the culture of death that is destroying the moral fabric of humanity and spreading its mental, emotional, and spiritual poison around the world. The need for morality, moderation, and responsibility in advertisement, media, and entertainment in order to build a culture of love while vanquishing the culture of lust that has eroded the stability of our marriages, the strength of our families, and polluted the psychological and ethical environment in which we raise our children. The need for policies of economic justice that place the values of family, neighborhood, and community at the center of our planetary civilization; work to eliminate the tyranny of the culture of greed; and which will forever liberate our planetary brothers and sisters who are enchained in the slavery of poverty. The need for global disarmament to follow the creation of the Terran Federation, the end of World War III, planetary unification, and the establishment of lasting planetary peace, order, and security; specifically supervised planetary nuclear disarmament to be followed by supervised planetary conventional disarmament; and the reallocation of the $900 billion spent globally, each year, on armaments toward alleviating human misery, starvation, poverty, and disease; toward the research, development, and deployment of environmentally clean and friendly green technologies in every aspect of our planetary economic, manufacturing, and social infrastructure, and toward a planetary green deal for global environmental restoration. The need for greater environmental awareness, ecological planning, and coordinated global action on the planetary ecosystem threats of mass extinction, deforestation, global climate change, and ozone depletion. We will come together in this time and in this first planetary internet generation. We will safeguard the precious legacy that is the planet upon which we live and breathe, the planet our children will inherit. With conscious purpose and steadfast determination, with vision, bravery, and hope, we will build a new planetary civilization for a new age. Together we, the people of Earth, will bring about planetary unification and lasting peace. Today we begin. Tomorrow we succeed. We cannot fail. We will not fail. We are ONE.

Respectfully Submitted,

John J. Donna Pittsfield

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