Zaretski: “You created an artificial alternative to what Russia was meant to be”

Truthfully, after many years living in the United States I realized today, that never ever in History of the world any country fucked itself so much as Russia did. You tried to live as democracy in Russia, and you changed the system. The American system is another type of system what Soviet Union used to be. What Gorbachev and your fucking Politburo could not recognize was that Russia and America had a lot similarities and the only difference was to set the change in the priorities. I curse becasue people in what used to be Soviet Union have to suffer with all shit that you gave them with your democratic revolution in early 1990. Who has to be blamed on this? Only you. You reversed a theory about Russia and proved something that nobody was able to prove. You fucked yourself up without any help from outside. Nobody interfered in Russian politics. And you did it all by yourself. To prove what? That you can change the system to what it was before Bolshevik Revolution? And where is the proof. Did you change anything? Look at Chinese. Same system and the results like nowhere else in the world. Why? Since America recognizes Chinese system similar to the one we have and that is why it deals with China. You created an artificial alternative to what Russia was meant to be and it does not work. As you know the prosperity of Chinese is a ridiculous joke of what Soviet Union did in 1950's. Soviet built China, and now Russia is like a third world country and China still the same Communist. So? What needed to be done can not be done. What has to be done will be done as required. Bye. You took my citizenship away from me. And that is why I hate you like nothing else in the world.

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