B.Maher: Please understand that your article MAY be true about Bush's IQ.

You also must realize that MR. Clinton is widely known as the most corrupt President ever to occupy the White House. He constantly abused his power and eroded the integrity of the office he held and historians will note this.

Americans knew this and it is the sole reason that Gore did not win the 2000 Election easily (as he should have). It is also the reason that George W. Bush defeated Gore in Clinton's and Gore's home state in the 2000 election.

Please keep in mind that one of the greatest leaders in the 1900's was a man who was known to be dyslexic - Winston Churchill.

When George W. Bush violates the oath he pledged to America last January the same way Bill Clinton did throughout his term in office. You will then have some real credibility to erode George W.Bush's abilities to lead this great nation. Until then, you are wasting your time.

On moral, ethical and leadership qualities Clinton doesn't even come close to Bush. Americans know this. Trust me.

By the way, we love MR. Putin !!!

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Author`s name Editorial Team