Obiora Embry: "Is it true that Bush, Sr. and Hussein were business partners?"

Dear Editor:

What is the CIA's past relationship with Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party? Did the CIA assist in the coup that helped Hussein become President? If so, does that mean that we considered him an "ideal" leader for Iraq? Was Saddam Hussein paid to invade and "terrorize" his neighbors? Is it true that Bush, Sr. and Hussein were business partners? When did the "partnership" between Hussein and Bush end? Or has it ended? Does the Bush family have something to hide? What "dirt" does Saddam Hussein have on the Bush family and many of our politicians? Did Hussein use diplomacy before 1990 to re-acquire the fictitious state called "Kuwait"--"set up by the British empire during the 'Madates Period' [Blood, Oil, and Sand: The Hidden Story of America's War on Iraq by Cliff Pearson]?" What means of diplomacy did Saddam Hussein use? Why were his attempts at using diplomacy ignored? Why was he unsuccessful in recovering the "stolen" land? Were the US and British responsible for his attempts failing? What did the US & British hope to gain through their disruption of the annexation process between "Kuwait" and "Iraq?"

If Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, what countries and corporations contributed most of the weapons? Is it true that Bush Sr. and his partners supplied Hussein secretly with "nuclear, biological, chemical, and missile-related weapon materials [BNL-Iraqgate Scandal by War and Peace Digest]?" Have there been attempts in the past and currently to withhold the information that could expose the truth about our current "beef" with Hussein?

Why was the report submitted by Hussein confiscated and "looked over" – edited - by Washington before the UN could review it? When was the last US/British led attack on the country of "Iraq?" How often do they bomb Iraq? Can a country that is constantly bombarded present a threat to its neighbors or the rest of the world? Why has the U.S. resorted to "circus tricks" and "terrorizing" of its own citizens to gain public support for the continued destruction of the environment; poisoning of the land, air, and water; the murder of civilians, especially children; and the constant "terrorizing" of a people caught in the middle of a "partnership" gone sour?

Obiora Embry Lexington, KY, USA

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