On the Article: "France is no longer NATO partner"

It is unfortunate that so much of the world thinks that France and Germany stand alone in spoiling the plans of the US. For the record, they are NOT the only NATO members who think the US should stay out of Iraq.

Canadian opinion of US foreign policy is very low at the moment. The populace of Canada does not support invasion under the current circumstance. Neither does the Government of Canada. The few leaders that have said we will support America spoke out of turn and out of line. Their words are unsubstantiated by the Canadian Government at the moment. If Canada, a mere 30 million people who border the restless giant, can disagree with US policy, their is no reason that larger, stronger and further removed countries should fail to have their own views as well. The NATO countries most eager to support the US are the smaller countries who are more susceptible to American influence, half of them relying on US foreign aid just to survive.

The world should applaud anyone who at least has the common sense to second - guess the US. Otherwise, NATO has just become a cheap puppet show and a farce. Perhaps Canada should be ejected as from NATO as well. Jason Simac, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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