John G.Henke: Good Paper

Sir. I like your news paper very much. I read it almost every day. Here in America the news is censored so much by the corporate/government controlled media that I more or less gave up on them as a reliable source of information. "Keep it up" as we like to say over here. Your doing a good job. I worry allot about America and where our ruling class is taking this country. This war Bush wants to start is insane. He and his cronies want the oil and they will make American tax payers pay for the war to get it. Not to mention all of the people who will have to die for it. It is a terrible crime in the making, but ordinary Americans have no power to stop it.

America is no longer a democracy you know. All of that is just a show the "Democrans" and "Republicrats" put on every two years to fool the ignorant.

America has become a kingdom of rich ruling families who do as they pleas and don't give a damn what's good for the country or the world. Russia must be very careful of our ruling class. As for this impending war, I like to borrow from an earlier time and place. I say, "Down with the aristocrats!

Down with their war!" Thank you.

John G. Henke

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