U.N. supports terrorist camps

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At a time when the United States is being asked to double its contribution to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, not a day goes by that we do not hear about the benefits of these refugee camps.

The benefits are as follows: Suicide bombers come from the refugee camps to produce carnage on the streets of Jerusalem; killers take asylum in the refugee camps; mortars are fired from the refugee camps into Israeli settlements; food warehouses in refugee camps have been transformed into storage facilities for artillery shells, ammunition and mortar rounds; al-Qaida terrorist squads are based in the refugee camps; refugee camps organize official celebrations in honor of suicide bombers who kill Jews in Jerusalem.

This is really a terrific "benefit package," funded entirely by the United Nations who is asking the United States to double its contribution. What's wrong with this picture?

Who runs the "refugee camps"?

There is one agency with absolute authority over Palestinian refugee camps ... it is not the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad or any other Arab entity.

The agency which runs these refugee camps is none other than the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

UNRWA was established by the U.N. after the 1948 war of liberation, with a mandate to administer "temporary shelters" until such time as the refugees were granted the right to return to the homes and villages they had fled in 1948, even if these villages no longer exist.

UNRWA remains the only refugee agency in the world whose apparent purpose is to perpetrate the status of refugees as refugees. There is no intention of solving the problem, only creating perpetual suffering for the world media to criticize Israel for its abuse of the poor Palestinians.

Every American should remember that on May 15, 1948, when Israel was declared a sovereign state by the U.N., the next day Israel was attacked by five Arab armies in an attempt to massacre the Jews and abort the birth of a Jewish state. To the shock and amazement of the Arab world, they lost that war!

When you declare a war – and lose that war – you must be prepared to live with the consequences of that war. The solution to the Palestinian refugee camps is for Arab nations to allow these people to immigrate. They have plenty of land, the same religion, speak a common language and are swimming in wealth created by OPEC oil. Why won't the Arab nations permit the inhabitants of these refugee camps to immigrate? Because a geo-politically ignorant American society sees CNN's 60-second film clip of the squalor in the camps and blames Israel for the problem. The problem has been sustained by the United Nations and the Arab League of Nations.

The official curriculum of the free United Nations Relief and Works Agency is based on the idea that refugees must remain refugees until such time as they are repatriated to their homes. The problem is that their homes no longer exist because of a war they declared and lost.

Sammy Meshasha, head of Public Affairs of UNRWA in Jerusalem, acknowledges that UNRWA is well aware of the fact that thousands of armed Palestinian Authority security personnel make their homes in UNRWA camps and that UNRWA does not object to such a bizarre arrangement.

Leading Palestinian Arab media analyst and Arafat cabinet member, Ghassan Khatib remarked to CNN, in a February 2002 interview, that every young man in the UNRWA Balata refugee camp now has his own personal weapon.

Where did the UNRWA Balata refugee camp residents get their weapons?

Each UNRWA camp hosts a local steering committee which is in charge of distributing the funds received as charitable donations from relief organizations and donor countries around the world. And it is that committee which decides whether to provide food rations or weapons with the money at their disposal.

UNRWA now runs 18 refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Employing a staff of 22,000, 99 percent of whom are Palestinian, the agency spends more than $700 million annually. The United States – which is by far the largest contributor – kicks in $64 million a year.

Its time for Americans to tell our president and elected officials we are tired of our tax money funding terrorist camps supervised by the United Nations to attack Israel.

John Hagee WorldNetDaily

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