An American: Disappointed

For the first time, I have been reading various articles in the Pravda website. I am disappointed that you Russians hate us now as much as you did when you were the Soviets. Believe or not, it does matter what the world thinks about America. But you Russians, as well as our more traditional friends in Europe choose to put your heads in the sand and ignore reality. And American has to do what it has to do. Alone if necessary.

What America does is strictly in the best interest of its self-defense. Every nation has that right. What you have to understand is that a large portion of the Islamic people of the world have been brainwashed by their power-hungry leaders to believe that America is evil, when in fact America is kind and passionate people. These dictators use religious misapplication to convince young, impressionable kids to give their lives for Allah. And to kill as many Americans and Jews as possible. America has always been very reluctant to interfere directly in the government of other nations. But there comes a time, after our witnessing thousands of innocent Americans murdered in a matter of minutes on September 11th, to take decisive action. We have not put a dent in the problem with our action in Afghanistan.

These terrorists continue to target innocent Americans who have done nothing to deserve such hatred. For the very survival of our freedom, and the American way of life, we now find that the only way to turn the tide of violence is to aggressively go after those who want to kill so many of us, as they did on September 11th, a date which you and the rest of the world have so easily forgotten.

Your assertion that the Iraqis have not been directly linked to the attacks are due only to your partiality to Iraq, due to the business you prefer to do with them, as opposed to improving your relations with us. Perhaps there are some things that might be found in those nuclear weapons factories in Iraq you would rather the world not know.

Any time any people in the world need us, we are there. And the thanks we get is....well no thanks at all.

An American

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Author`s name Editorial Team