How US sanctions can bring down the entire electronics industry?

U.S. President Joe Biden said on Wednesday April 6 that U.S. sanctions "will stifle the ability of Russia and its economy to grow for years to come. The situation with silicon semiconductors is really sad. They are practically not produced in Russia, and Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) products are used for domestic Baikal and Elbrus processors.

However, if Russia, in response to US sanctions, bans the import of domestic products used in the production of semiconductors, the entire world economy may stand up. And yet Russia has the technology to create chips from gallium arsenide. 

After the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, TSMC officially announced the suspension of cooperation with Russia. Samsung and American Intel and AMD also announced that they would not supply processors and semiconductors to Russia. But it was the Taiwanese who became the main problem, because the Russian Baikal and Elbrus processors, which were designed to become an alternative to Intel and AMD, are assembled using TSMC products.

However, the refusal to supply semiconductors to Russia may lead to the fact that the production of microcircuits will stop all over the world. The fact is that some materials needed for the production of microelectronics are supplied from Russia. For example, sapphire substrates, ultrapure chemistry, rare earth elements.

Without Russian components, the world production of microcircuits will stop, - Oleg Izumrudov, Executive Director of the Consortium of Domestic Developers of Data Storage Systems RosSHD,said.

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