Andy Doerksen: I had expected better of your magazine…

Dear Mr. Gorshenin,

I was sorely disappointed that PRAVDA would post the article, "Before the Flood, There Was No Moon." I had expected better of your magazine, but you call this journalism? It's not the entertaining of alternative science ideas that bothers me (I happen to believe in the Flood). However, I couldn't believe the following paragraphs: "The few people that had the chance to walk on the moon’s surface saw very strange things, such as traces of tanks and little orange glass figures.

One person even claimed to have seen UFOs. "NASA has a lot of impressive photographs on the subject. They are all secret photos, but even the few that have been released prove that the moon’s landscape is very different from the desolated landscape of a cold, uninhabited planet. It turns out that there are constructions on the Moon:

bridges, towers, buildings, and huge domes. All these things prove the theory that the Moon used to be a part of our planet." The above was included in the report as if it were facts that everybody knows and takes for granted. There's NO PROOF of the above claims! Why report them as if they were common knowledge?? I'm sorely disappointed, and it will make me take PRAVDA less seriously from now on. Regards,

Andy Doerksen

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