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Russia increases investment in US securities

Russia has increased investment of available funds in the securities of the US government, a report from the US Treasury Department said.

The figure has increased in June of the current year (as compared to May) by $2.7 billion - to $90.9 billion.

Earlier this year, Russia has cut investment in US Treasuries, TASS reports. In January of the current year, Russia had US Treasuries worth $96.9 billion. Russia is currently ranked 16th on the list of world's major holders of US securities.

Noteworthy, foreign buyers increased their investment in these assets in June up to $6.281 trillion against $6.210 trillion the previous month. China has been the world's largest holder of US securities for several years already. By late June of 2016, China had $1.240 trillion in US securities. Japan, the world's second largest holder of US securities, had increased its reserves to $1.147 trillion.

The top ten also includes Ireland, offshore Cayman Islands, Brazil, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


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