Roman Catholic Activism in Russia


I am an Orthodox Christian, an American and I am also of Russian ancestry. I am disgusted and appalled at Rome’s activities to convert Orthodox Russians inside Russia.

As you already know, today's Russia is an emporium of imported western culture. Drugs, increased crime and prostitution, MTV, pornography, abortion, AIDS and a western style organized crime to name just a few. These are some of the west's gifts to Russia. Let's now introduce another gift. The papal church. This so-called Christian entity, ever so concerned with its temporal power has for centuries used deceit, intrigue and insidious methods to carry out it's agenda inside Russia and wherever the Orthodox Church exists.

President Putin would agree that the spiritual and moral vacuum in Russia today can only be cured by our Lord Jesus Christ and His holy Orthodox (Pravoslavie) Church. The traditional Christian Faith of Russia. This vacuum will not be cured by papists like Kondrusiewicz running around Russia trying to convert Orthodox Christians to papism. Not by the silly Fatima consecrations of the Polish born pope and not by his worthless and agitating travels to traditional Orthodox Lands .

Rome could care less about the spiritual well being of Russia as evidenced by the fact that Rome does not care about her own adherents that have been molested by her pedophile priests in the United States. For Rome, Holy Orthodoxy is nothing more than a shoelace left untied on the foot of the Roman pontiff!

Russia, where Rome has no foothold and the strongest vestige of Holy Orthodoxy...Oh Yes, that dreaded Orthodoxy. That unblemished True Christian Faith that exposes in the light all of the lies, corruption and heresies of Rome.

To realize her goal in Russia, Rome could care less about the consequences. What if her activities lead non-believers away from our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ and the Life Creating Holy Trinity? What if her activities create a new Northern Ireland within the Russian Federation? The pope and his curia might privately rejoice. As long as Rome's adherent base grows and it sows discord, disunity and chaos in Russia's traditional Orthodox Church it's goal will be realized. Russia is not America and Russia will never be America. Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, a Polish papist and patriot is a hater of Russia and it's traditional Orthodox (Pravoslavie) Faith. Kondrusiewicz is a known liar and a deceptive man seeking to destroy Russia's Holy Mother Church and in the process further destabilize Russian society.

Western news reports recently stated that the US Catholic bishops conference (Catholics are a large US voting block) recently asked US President George Bush to speak with President Putin about easing pressure on Kondrusiewicz and his minions without visas.

What amazes me is the level of importance that the US Roman Catholic bishops place on converting Orthodox Russians. Shouldn't they be more concerned with their gay pedophile priests molesting children and the bishops within their own ranks that are covering up for criminals? Shouldn't they be more concerned with addressing the adult victims of papal priest predators, more concerned with the absolute chaos that swirls around her altars, more concerned about the millions of people Catholicism is losing to evangelical Protestantism in Latin America ? Russia does not need to offer up as sacrifice it's society and it's spiritual tradition to appease western governments and the constituents that support them. Orthodox Christianity is not about who wins an election in a foreign land and it is certainly not about the secular and temporal power that Rome loves and represents.

As for the pope, that dreaded Orthodoxy, Rome's untied shoelace, is number one on his agenda...Forget about the gay papal priests molesting kids, forget the papal bishops whom cover up for pedophiles, forget about the 10,000 tribes of Rome in total rebellion against their own pope, forget about the Vatican II desacralized peoples mass, forget the peoples concerns, forget about the chaos that continually swirls around Rome's altars. Forget everything because......

Building new church structures in Russia and prosytelizing Orthodox Russians is "numero uno" on the pope’s mind and now somewhere on President George Bush's long agenda.

As an Orthodox Christian I am outraged at the Vatican and the popes evil schemes.

M. Mikhailovich Chicago, Illinois

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