South Ural opens doors to business

Acting Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky set a task in the updated development strategy before 2020 to create most comfortable environment for business. This topic is under active discussion in the authorities, the general public and business circles. Entrepreneurs will elaborate proposals for accelerating development at the congress to be held in late May.

"There is absolutely clear federal legislation that, for example, sets five approvals for a businessman to obtain any permission. And we have 35 of them, as they say, to be on the safe side. All endorse something, and if something happens - it's nobody's fault and no one assumes responsibility. I'm sure that in each municipality there is such excessive "production", - said Boris Dubrovsky. - In the near future, I will instruct the heads of all municipalities to examine their regulations and bring them into conformity with the federal legislation. There is a standard, and one should work under this standard."

"The difficulty to obtain all kinds of permits, complicated regulations and procedures strongly inhibit the development of business - small business in the first place. The direction taken by Governor Dubrovsky is correct," - the President of the Association for the Development of Small and Medium Businesses, Alexander Ioffe said. - On regional and local level, they can not cut the number of standards established by the federal authorities, but one can make more lenient regulations, reduce the terms for obtaining permits, facilitate the procedure and organize the front-end system. There are many problems, and this is only one of them. Some are solved, some new come up. Tax deferral regulations are in store, agency for guarantees has been created. I hope it will all work, with God's help."

Entrepreneurs of the Chelyabinsk region will gather for a congress on May 29 to discuss the strategy of economic development of the Chelyabinsk region. During the meeting, they will offer additional measures to remove administrative barriers and create an enabling environment for business development. The government and the Legislative Assembly, "Business Russia" , "Support of Russia" , RSPP, PromAS and other public organizations of entrepreneurs take part in the activities to prepare the event. Representatives of all branches and levels of power will take part in the event as well to look at the problems from different perspectives and consider all nuances, to be able to promptly initiate effective proposals after the congress. The participants will develop a set of measures aimed at further business development within the scope of the implementation of the strategy for socio-economic development of the region before 2020, to create favorable conditions for doing business and reducing administrative barriers.

During the forum, there will be special events held to award the winners of competitions in the field of entrepreneurship in such categories as "Golden Mercury", "Best Media Coverage of the topic "Small and Medium Business", "Best Municipal Area for the Development of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship."

"The state is moving in the right direction to reduce time and all sorts of regulations, especially for small businesses, with regards, for example, to processes to connect to energy networks and other communications. However, it does not show great influence on business development yet, because in the first instance, it all depends on direct executors: municipal employees and energy officials. I believe that an individual always loses to the state machine, - Ivan Grachev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy told Pravda.Ru. - One should change the work of this machine instead. Boris Dubrovsky is moving in the right direction - he adjusts the work of local authorities to the needs of people for business development."

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