Ulyanovsk region prepared to develop domestic aircraft-building industry

Due to rising tensions in Russia's relations with the West, requirements to the domestic aircraft industry have been growing more serious recently. The Ulyanovsk region, where the majority of domestic aviation industry is located, is ready for new challenges.

"The situation in connection with the growing pressure from the West on Russia because of the Crimean events is a complex one. Of course, businessmen do not support the sanctions that politicians promise, and no one wants to cut economic ties. It does not simplify the problems, though. They tried to impose restrictions on Russia, and they did it in practice. The mobilization of all resources, internal cooperation and scientific research are especially needed in the field of high technology and weapons, because the dependence on imports weakens our defense and economy. Foreign technology may contain hazardous insides. Therefore, one should stake on our own production, - the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense, Viktor Ozerov said. - The Ulyanovsk authorities did absolutely right when they preserved and developed domestic aircraft-building. We previously supported these areas, including in Ulyanovsk, Khabarovsk and other places. Among other things, it involves preservation of jobs and solution of social problems. Today, most Russians support the fact that the Crimea became a part of Russia. The people support the policy of import independence, and I am confident that we can handle it ourselves."

In Ulyanovsk, the aviation cluster now includes about 50 companies: manufacturing, consulting, leasing, customs and other companies in all areas necessary for the industry. The center of the whole system is aircraft-making giant Aviastar-SP. Forming cooperation and using industrial enterprises of the Ulyanovsk aviation cluster is one of the key areas of development in the region.

"In the field of aviation, we have made a tremendous step forward during the recent years. From our aircraft-building cluster we get real results. This year, the growth of production of JSC Aviastar-SP will make up at least 147 percent," the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov said.

"Today, the aviation industry, as a whole, remains in a difficult condition, and the potential that we have exists owing to such a company as Aviastar-SP. We remain an aircraft-making power thanks to this plant, - deputy director general of FPG Russian Aviation Consortium, one of the developers of the Tu-204 aircraft, Sergei Isakov said. - If it wasn't for Aviastar, then, due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, due to the fact that we lost factories in Kiev and Tashkent, we would have ceased to be an aircraft-making power. Today, the Ulyanovsk-based Aviastar-SP is the basis for the aircraft-building industry. We have science, aviation design bureau, an assembly facility, and one of the main parts of the foundation of our aviation industry is the company Aviastar, in the field of aircraft-making."

Should the economic cooperation with Western countries continue to deteriorate, the Ulyanovsk complex will have to carry an additional burden. Specialists already search for ways to introduce additional reserves. A variety of successful models is already in production. There is also a number of promising developments.

"I now supervise a project of integrated circuit aircraft, which is the future of global aviation, because the planes that fly in the world today are called the traditional scheme. There is also "the flying wing" scheme, and "the integrated ergonomic system." This is the future of not only ours, but also of the world of aviation. We expect that these aircraft will be produced in Ulyanovsk, at Aviastar. Currently, the administration of the country and the presidential administration, the government decide these issues. Aviastar is listed everywhere when it comes to production," concluded Sergey Isakov.

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