Nizhny Novgorod to host 7th ITFORUM 2020/Evolution

In mid-April, Nizhny Novgorod will become the center for professionals in IT-sphere. The city will host the VII International Forum on Information Technology "ITFORUM 2020/Evolution." A leading expert in the field of Russian information security, an expert in the field of Cisco information security, Alexei Lukatsky, will be one of the participants of the forum for the second time. He shared his impressions of the forum with Pravda.Ru.

"How do you assess the VII International Forum on Information Technology "ITFORUM 2020/Evolution?"

"In my opinion, this event is one of the best in the field of IT. It stands out among both regional and Moscow events with its organization and agenda. Most importantly, it stands out for the participation of the Ministry for Information Technology, Telecommunications and Media of the Nizhny Novgorod region. It does not happen so often when the state becomes so actively involved in the process of informatization and processes aimed at improving the level of informatization."

"How active is your participation in the event going to be?"

"My participation this year will be a speech at one of the sections - about new IT- trends that companies use. I will consider them in the context of information security - how such things like mobile devices, cloud technology, outsourcing, Internet of things - how they help in the solution of business problems and bring new risks in the work of a company.

"The second event, which I moderate and lead, is an extended meeting of Nizhny Novgorod club " IT Municipal." The meeting will be devoted to the practice connected with executing latest legal requirements on personal data that have taken place in the country since the fall of 2013. This is a whole section devoted to recent changes in the legislation on personal information. A number of new informative documents have been approved, which significantly alter the picture of how to protect people's personal data that both state and municipal structures process. And since, as a rule, there are not enough specialists, questions may often arise of how to interpret these or other new requirements against the backdrop of real life in a public or municipal company.

"My task, as a developer of these documents and requirements is to tell others what was put in the documents in terms of their ideology and how to implement them properly to protect the rights of citizens, and relieve state-run and municipal companies from large financial costs to implement these requirements. This will be the subject of a debating club. Firstly, we will describe how to do it all, and then there will be a Q&A session with listeners."

"How effective can participation in such events be? Can the forum push the development of new trends in the IT-sphere?"

"Certainly. When a visitor comes, whether it is a representative of a state-run agency, a municipal structure or business structure, they have their own opinion on how they use modern information technology in their operations. But as a rule, against the background of other companies' experience, new thoughts, new ideas appear, and a person may obtain a whole new look at how he or she can use mobile devices, or how one can save by switching to cloud computing, or how to apply an old tool in an entirely new way. Such forums, where many people gather and exchange experiences, produce a synergistic effect, and it gives a new impetus to the development of technology and the development of information security for companies. Last year, after a roundtable on mobile technology in business and public municipal administration, a lot of questions and interesting projects appeared, and our participants used their knowledge in practice.


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