Richard Schayer: The issue of the hostages

Dear Mrs Novikova,

I am glad that the drama at the Moscow's theatre is finished. I cry the innocent people who have been killed. What is going to happen with the Tchechen problem next? Will Russia again negotiate with these bandits? I believe that the Tchechens, like the Islamists - Palestinians, will continue their activities. There are certainly plenty of "advisors" suggesting all kind of means to solve the problem. I am probably one of them, but I cannot refrain from expressing my thoughts. I think that Russia should consider Tchechnia as one of its biggest problems, mobilise an important army and go there to eradicate these bloody Islamists who introduce terror to Russia.

Could you imagine the situation if Tchechnia, in the middle of Russian territory, becomes an independent medieval Islamic country? Impossible! They declare the will to kill the infidels or to convert everybody to Islam... Do you wish to became a Muslim? I don't. Could Russia allow that every autonomous territory that finds itself on the Russian territory looks for an independence? No, because it will bring Russia to a situation of a "Emental" cheese. Russia should act to stop such a movement. Sorry for being a little long.

P.S. I know relatively well the Russian language. My computer doesn't know it so I cannot write in Russian. However if you wish to react in Russian I could easily read the message. With regards,

Richard Schayer

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