Beer to be banned from summer cafes in Moscow

Beer, cider and mead will be banned in summer cafes of non-stationary companies in accordance with a new decision taken by the Government of Moscow. Dmitry Lipskerov, a restaurateur, commented on possible consequences of this ban.

"Cafes will die, this is the first thing. Secondly, I do not refer mead, beer and soft drinks to alcoholic drinks. Rather, they are beverages that contain certain ingredients of alcohol. The consumption of these drinks has been an inherent part of the culture of our people from times immemorial.

"During the times of the Soviet Union, everything was forbidden, but beer was available in kiosks. There were long waiting lines, but beer was allowed everywhere. People would drink beer from cans and bottles, drinking establishments could be easily found, vending machines selling beer were everywhere.

"I do not see what the problem is. One should keep order in such places not to let them mix vodka with beer. Beer is a noble drink, why not?

"The main thing is that the new rules will destroy those who make up the backbone of the middle class. They just do not let small business breathe." 


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