Real estate in Kaluga region grows in value steadily

The Kaluga region is one of the flagships to revive the industrial areas of the country, whose experience of recent decades clearly indicates the possibility of obtaining meaningful results under the current Russian conditions. The region has been developing rapidly during the recent years, which is one of the reasons why real estate in the Kaluga region is in high demand.

The questions of forming the areas of innovative development in Russia should not be considered in isolation from the social component. The leaders of the Kaluga region use the developments of foreign countries in this area, focusing on the need to improve the interaction of all components of the innovative economy - science, education, business and government. The role of regions in the creation of favorable conditions for the growth of innovative activity in the country on the whole is expected to grow. Infrastructure is one of the essential components of success.

The Kaluga region in terms of its geography has obvious advantages, which the power skillfully uses from the perspective of economic development. The geographical location and proximity to the Moscow region give the Kaluga region an opportunity to feel confident in economic realities. The region can boast of ​​one of the best investment climates in the Russian Federation, which stipulates successful cooperation with foreign companies. Not surprisingly, real estate in the region has been in demand during the recent years, and has been gradually increasing in value.

The director of the Institute for Innovation Economy of the Financial University under the Government of Russia, Inna Rykova, said that the Russian Federation showed a decline in the launch of apartment buildings into exploitation during 1990-2010 (- 3,264 sq. m. of the total area). The Central Federal District of the country showed a positive growth in this period (+ 3,467 sq. m.). The growing pace of launching apartment buildings into exploitation in the Central Federal District made up 124.78% in 1990-2010. The Kaluga region consistently ranks among the regions that take the lead in terms of growth of real estate.

According to statistics, the rate of growth in 2010/2009 (109.63%) the region is comparable to the period of 2003/2002 (109.60%). The largest growth in 2007/2006 made up 172.83%, while the lowest was shown in 1995/1990 - 54.91%. In terms of launching apartment buildings into exploitation per 1,000 people, the Central Federal District of Russia was ranked second in the country in 2010. The Kaluga region was in the top three. The growth rate for the CFD made up 123.71%, in the Kaluga region - 91.33%, the expert said.

Obviously, the construction of apartment buildings in the Kaluga region is a timely response to the increasing demand from the growing number of employees of new businesses. The presence of powerful industrial clusters in the region also increases the demand for rental property. Deputy regional governor Vladimir Potemkin said in his recent speech at the forum "Restore Leadership" in Moscow that the Kaluga region was the first in Russia to have created a system to prepare the required labor force. "During the four years , we have trained about 6,000 people who will then come to work in a completely new car industry, located in our region."

Indeed, during the last decade, various domestic and foreign plants attract more people to the region. Such an increase in industrial production inevitably leads to the attraction of both local employees and guest workers who need to be accommodated somewhere. That is why the area of ​​rental housing has become one of the fastest growing ones in the region.

Last autumn, Kaluga hosted a seminar for the construction of rental housing in the region. The seminar discussed the issues of establishing the foundation of rental housing, the prospects of building this type of housing and its operation, as well as the significance of the projects of building rental housing in the development of the region.

A successful example is the complex of rental housing in the village of Kabitsyno, which implements the project of the construction of affordable housing, "Olympic Village." The complex includes both individual houses, townhouses and three-storyed apartment buildings.

Thus, the Kaluga region today is a very convenient place to live and work. All these factors show that the region has developed clear mechanisms to maximize the use of internal resources and attract foreign investment. This is why the region shows high rates of economic growth and serves as one of the largest research and educational centers of Russia.

Irina Loseva

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