Chinese computers establish global reign

Lenovo has become world's second largest seller of personal computers. The Chinese company has taken the title from Dell. Lenovo buys computer assembly works to pursues global reign at this point. However, the growth of computer sales has been slowing down steadily.

Gartner and IDC analytical companies lowered the expected growth of the market of personal computers in the current year from 7.1 to 4.2 percent.

Lenovo's share in the third quarter of the year made up 13.5 percent and (13.7% and 12.6 million sold PCs) has grown from 11.1 percent last year. In 2011, Lenovo strengthened its positions on the market as it acquired German computer maker Medion AG. In addition, the Chinese company established an enterprise with Japan's NEC.

Dell's share was estimated at 11.6 percent (12 percent and 11 million PCs sold according to IDC). Acer came fourth with 9.2 million computers sold, which made up ten percent of the market share. The top five ends with Asus, which controls 6.5 percent of the market.

The leader is the US-based company Hewlett-Packard, which owns 17.7 percent of the market (18.1 percent, 16.7 million).

The Chinese maker, which purchased the PC business from IBM, is ready to challenge HP. Lenovo's CEO Yang Yuanqing said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that his company was going to struggle with HP for the first place in the rating.

In the meantime, Hewlett-Packard announced restructuring plans. The company said that it was going to end the production of WebOS-based smartphones and tablet computers. The company plans to concentrate on the development of software and services.

It transpired later that HP was considering the sale of its computer business to another company. It was also said that the business could be sold to Lenovo.

However, HP's CEO Leo Apotheker stepped down at the end of September. His position was taken by the former CEO of eBay Meg Whitman, who may have different views on HP's computer business.

Anastasia Romasheva.

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