Antivirus software developers feed on Windows

The market of antivirus software which suffered from a setback during the crisis, gained 30% last year and reached the volume of $229 million. According to experts' estimates, the boost in sales occurred because of growing activities of PC users. In Russia, the growth became possible over the increasing share of mobile computers, as well as over the development of the Internet in the regions of the country.

Last year, the largest developers of antivirus software - Kaspersky Lab, Symantec, Microsoft, Dr. Web and ESET, covered 60 percent of the market of security software. The top ten list also includes IMB, Informzaschita, InfoWatch, Check Point and ArcSight, although their combined share does not exceed 15 percent.

The chances for other vendors to expand their market shares are tiny because of intense competition on the market.

Analysts with IDC say that PC users will contribute to the growth of the market in 2011 too. According to them, the Russian market of security software will grow by 18.3% during the upcoming five years.

It is an open secret that the majority of viruses are created for Windows. Consequently, the world market of antivirus software virtually serves Windows. The development of each new modification of the operating system by Microsoft triggers a new wave of computer attacks. The number of threats grows permanently despite all efforts taken by antivirus software developers. The latter find it as an advantage: the more threats are created, the more customers the developers have.

Those working with alternative systems do not have such problems. However, the percentage of Linux users, for instances, remains very low. In 2010, Linux had as many as 12 million users, which gave an opportunity for Microsoft to disregard the free OS as a competitor. A recent report from the corporation said that Linux-based computers control only one percent of the market.

Vitaly Salnik.

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