Giovanni Giacalone

Bachelor degree in Sociology from the University of Bologna, MA in Islamic Studies from Trinity Saint DavidUniversity of Wales and a further specialization in Terrorism and Counter-terrorism from the InternationalInstitute for Counter-Terrorism. His areas of expertise are political and religious extremism.

Senior analyst for the "Italian Team for Security, Terroristic Issues and Managing Emergencies-Itstime".Author of the book "La Spirale Balcanica" (the Balkanic Spiral) in which he analyzes the issue of Islamistradicalism in the Balkans from its origins and the repercussions in Italy; author of the chapter "La guerra alterrorismo in Russia" (The war on terrorism in Russia) in the book "Rinascita di un Impero, la Russia diVladimir Putin" (Rebirth of an Empire: The Russia of Vladimir Putin) where he describes Moscow's war onimported jihad in the Caucasus.

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