Most Russians want Vladimir Putin to serve two more terms in office

Most Russians (54%) would want Vladimir Putin to remain in office after his second term as Russian president ends in 2008. This was the result of a survey carried out by the agency for regional political research in over 100 towns and built-up areas in 40 different regions of the Russian Federation. Curiously, this figure was significantly higher in the North West Federal District.

On the other hand, 34% said they would not like Mr Putin to serve a third term as Russian president after 2008. This view is mostly held by supporters of the Communist Party and the Liberal Democrats.

52% of respondents said they did not believe that the presidential term of office should be extended to seven years while 42% said they are in favour of such a change. Male respondents were more skeptical about this than women. Interestingly, those respondents with higher education also tended to be more skeptical.

1500 people took part in the survey.