Scottish aroma therapy

A turmoil has arisen at 10, Downing street. A substance that may cause blindness and even death – natrium hydroxyd – was found in a parcel addressed to British Prime Minister Anthony Blair. Scotland Yard spokesman says, a stranger called the police and said, parcels had been sent to sixteen addresses. Only two of them have been found as of now, one addressed to the British Prime Minister and another – to a Scottish politician.

The parcel received in the prime minister’s residence contained a substance similar to eucalyptus oil and a usage booklet. It was stressed, the substance “had wonderful medical characteristics”. A rather nice treatment…

The stranger who called the police declared the Scottish national liberation army to be responsible for the act of terrorism. The organization was found in 1983 to strive for Scotland’s independence. Since its very founding the organization has been in a close contact with the Irish republican army. As well as the Irish republican army, the Scottish organization has a legal political subdivision – the Scottish separatist group, that struggles for independence with parliamentary methods. Here is the European civilization – some people send poisoned parcels and other – meet at the parliament, being members of the same organization.

Unlike the Irish republican army, the Scottish organization sent bombs by post. But no great results have been achieved in the sphere. The Sept.11 events in the USA, when millions of letters with anthrax culture were spread all over the country, have produced an idea for the Scottish terrorists – they decided to try terrorism by letters.

The Scottish separatist group has got a subdivision in the USA – William Wallace society, with the majority of the members being maoism followers. The Scottish organization uses traditional terrorist methods along with the Internet. It often organizes e-mail attacks to paralyze work of the servers in the governmental institutions.

Probably, it was an individual terrorist who used the name of the well-known terrorist organization. All the same, it is a problem for the British special services now.

In any case, if it was the Scottish national liberation army, it was a success in the awful action. Now it is going to be popular all over the world. Scotland Yard has faced a complex task of neutralizing the terrorists, otherwise the British prime minister will be cured to death with aroma therapy.

Oleg Artyukov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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