Sharing Policies

Sharing news on social networks is an important tool to make voices heard, and therefore to help fulfill PravdaReport' mission. Spamming, however, is against PravdaReport' policies.

When joining PravdaReport, every Pravda's agrees not to violate the policies or rules of any social network they engage with and to strictly following this set of rules created by PravdaReport' internal team.

PravdaReport Condensed Sharing Policies:

  1. You cannot share PravdaReport' article massively and out of context, this is SPAM.
  2. You cannot write clickbait titles (e.g. presenting false information in the title).
  3. You cannot use social accounts that do not correspond to your true identity.
  4. You cannot share nudity or pornographic content.
  5. You cannot offer money or prize incentives to make people click your articles.
  6. You cannot create or share from a fan page pretending to be a celebrity or a TV Show (you can however, create and/or share from these pages if clearly marking them as unofficial fan pages).
  7. You cannot discriminate, be racist or promote violence.
  8. You cannot use someone else's intellectual property, logos or trademarks.