PravdaReport rewards quality journalism through an innovative, decentralized model.

  • PravdaReport is proud to be an independent and open news platform. News articles are submitted for publication by an open community of delocalized, freelance contributors spread all around the world to cover a wide variety of topics, from local news to international political crises, from sports to gaming and entertainment.
  • However, openness requires responsibility: only a portion of proposed content is published on PravdaReport.
    • After submission, each news article is curated and fact-checked by a team of Reviewers. Reviewers decide if each news article is worthy for publication, if it requires additional work, or if it must be rejected.
    • When a news article is approved by a Reviewer, an additional control step is conducted by the editorial newsroom in London -made by PravdaReport internal employees-to further prevent the publication of any clickbait and false news content.
  • After publication, each news article is placed in the most relevant Channels, which are vertical proprietary social networks around niche topics where readers can subscribe and engage with content and other users.
  • The circulation of news articles is further augmented by a global team of distributed digital influencers, which promote the best content to reach the highest engaged audience and to make a definitive impact.

PravdaReport is an open, responsible community: it believes in checks and balances.

  • PravdaReport is made of an open community of professional journalists, reporters, independent bloggers, writers and storytellers from all over the world. Anybody can be a part of the PravdaReport community, no matter their gender, location, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, background, or ideas, as long as they create value for the entire community and follow the rules and guidelines.

PravdaReport promotes specialization.

  • To maintain the highest quality news and to offer real insights to its readers, PravdaReport promotes specialization. Contributors are welcome to become experts in their areas of interest, therefore adding further value to the Blasting News community. 

PravdaReport supports the idea that "There is not a good reason for anonymity" (unless there is a real one) - the Digital Identity Project.

As much as PravdaReport values each opinion, even the controversial ones (if based on facts and evidences), PravdaReport firmly believes that everyone should be responsible for their own words. PravdaReport believes in a free web, where every person takes the responsibility for their own voices.

Contributors can use nicknames while writing on PravdaReport , but PravdaReport will have to know the real identity behind the nicknames. However, PravdaReport will protect its contributors and never disclose their identities, unless it is requested by a Court and required by the applicable law.

Reviewers are identified by their real name and their real name is always shown on the platform, due to the special role they have within the community. PravdaReport has already verified, through passport checks, all the Reviewers contributing to the platform.

PravdaReport is neutral. This is its editorial policy.

  • PravdaReport believes plurality is the answer to many of the toughest questions. PravdaReport never judges the opinions expressed in the content we publish, but only the legitimacy, accuracy and the factual reality of the content. As a result, PravdaReport offers a plurality of points of view, which is unique in the editorial landscape.
  • Consequently, Reviewers are neutral. They verify the accuracy of the news articles and the strength of their headlines, but not the points of view, nor the biases that each news article may contain.