PravdaReport strongly believes in independent information made by independent people with different points of view.

PravdaReport strongly believes in independent information made by independent people with different points of view.

Pravda's are free to share their own opinions, even when they are controversial: PravdaReport firmly believes in freedom of speech. Every opinion article is clearly labeled as such at the beginning of the news content.

However, Pravda's are held accountable for the content they publish on the site: PravdaReport respects the laws, values and traditions maintained by different countries and cultures around the world.

PravdaReport' proprietary algorithm places content on the site based on both trending topics and reader interest, therefore articles are sorted, placed on the homepage, on their related topics and on Channels in an unbiased fashion, regardless of political views or ideologies. PravdaReport is constantly improving this algorithm in order to provide readers with multiple perspectives on any given issue. PravdaReport strongly condemns any type of offensive content including, racism, pornography, paedophilia, and exclusion based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, geography, religion or social status.

PravdaReport loves experts on any area of interest, and high-quality news.

PravdaReport promotes only high-quality information written by Pravda's showing a high level of expertise, authority and trustworthiness in their areas of interest. Content that does not fit into this category nor provides any value to the community will not be promoted by the site and will be promptly unpublished.

Pravda's only publish original content, and verify all of the sources and information they use.

Pravda's are forbidden to publish any advertising content or pre-written material. Each article is scanned by automated, anti-plagiarism technology. As a result, PravdaReport will not publish content copied from other sites, content that violates copyright and trademark rights, or content that has a purely promotional objective. Pravda's that violate this rule will be removed from the community after a warning. Pravda's strongly reject "churnalism."

Pravda's can create their own personal communities of followers on PravdaReport.

PravdaReport encourages Blasters to create their own communities by leveraging readers from PravdaReport' own social network and by engaging their followers with newsworthy and high-quality content. Blasters are also encouraged to engage readers and followers through search engine traffic, however, any member of the community who manipulates the rank of the search engine page, thus violating their policies, will be immediately removed.