Russian Tourist Goes Crazy Over Heat in Turkey, Attempts to Kill Himself

A Russian tourist from St. Petersburg went crazy in Turkey and jumped out of the window of his hotel room on the third storey. The 26-year-old man, identified as Sergey Papshev, survived the fall. Afterwards, he was kept at the hotel in the town of Marmaris, where he was staying. Hotel employees tied him to his bed and blocked the windows in the room with wardrobes.

The man’s relatives and friends said that they addressed to Russia’s Embassy in Turkey, the Foreign Ministry and the insurance company. However, it is still not clear how the situation can be solved.

The man suffers from hallucinations. He does not recognize his friends and seems to be unable to fall asleep. He attempted to commit suicide on Saturday night: the man broke his arm and has a fracture on his skull as he jumped out of the hotel room window.

Anna, Sergey Papshev’s girlfriend, said that the man had been hospitalized to a local hospital. Doctors did not establish the man’s diagnosis and checked him out from the hospital on Monday.

Sergey Papshev and his friends arrived in Turkey a week ago. The man became mentally unstable soon after the arrival.

“At first he thought that there was something wrong with his kidneys, he was complaining of dryness in the mouth, he could not sleep. Sergey asked for doctor’s help, but since he was drinking alcohol before, they told him that it was not an insured event. They gave him sleeping pills, but the pills did not help either,” Sergey’s friend said.

Afterwards, the young man started suffering from very strong headaches.

A spokesperson for the travel agency said that Papshev had not been insured against mental disorders. The insurance company, which insured the man’s tour, is not going to cover the costs for the treatment of the 26-year-old male, Baltinfo website said.

“The guys found themselves in a very difficult situation because any airline will refuse to transport a mentally unbalanced individual,” a spokesman for the travel agency said.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov