Ukraine strikes Russian decision-making centres

War correspondent says Ukraine strikes Russian decision-making centres successfully

War correspondent Alexander Sladkov wrote on his Telegram channel that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) struck Russian decision-making centers.

He did not specify where the targets of the Ukrainian troops were located. Nothing was said about the damage either.

"Ukrainian rocket launchers and artillery have struck our decision-making centers. Successfully. The centers are small but important," Sladkov wrote.

Sladkov called for the need to strengthen the work of the military-industrial complex in Russia in order to create technical opportunities to prevent such situations.

In May, the Russian military correspondent said that Russia would need to repeat an operation that would be similar to the one in Mariupol in order to achieve a psychological victory over the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian soldiers have been fighting for eight years, so it is not easy to scare them, he added.

"One has to break them on the battlefield, but not on the informational one,” Sladkov said, noting that the refusal of one of the world countries to support Ukraine and oppose Russia could greatly affect the psychological state of the military Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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Editor Dmitry Sudakov