Chicago cops rape a man to force for cooperation

The US police officers known for their cruelty, committed another violence.

Angel Perez who underwent a real ordeal in October 2012, told everything he experienced and filed a lawsuit for damages.

The Chicago police took him to Homan Square as they believed he knew an alleged drug dealer and physically assaulted him.

The footage, taken from surveillance cameras inside and on the perimeter of Homan Square, shows two officers walking a handcuffed Perez through a blue door inside the warehouse marked "prisoner entrance" at 3.49pm. He was taken to a second-floor room, he said, where he contends police inserted a metal object, believed to be a handgun barrel, into his rectum.

The cops also shackled and taunted him.

Scared to death of what the cops would do if he refused to cooperate, Perez agreed to go along with the sting. He later set up a meeting to purchase $170 worth of heroin.

No charges have ever been brought against Perez.

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