Astrakhan city administration holds public reception of citizens

Astrakhan, like the rest of Russia, has recently held the all-Russian day of reception of citizens. Everyone could address to the town hall with their problems. About 60 people used the opportunity.

Officially, the reception was held from 12.00 to 20.00, but Acting Mayor Irina Egorova warned that everyone in the line would be able to attend, even if officials had to work longer than usual.

"Irina Egorova immediately looked deep into our problem. We could see that she had very good knowledge of all these subtleties. We are very pleased that we were able to visit her office, because we found no understanding in other instances," a resident of Astrakhan, named only as Lyudmila, said.

Nikolai and his wife Lyudmila complained about construction works on Aeroportovsky Highway. The pensioners believe that the land close to the part of the road located in front of their house can only be used either for the installation of engineer communications or for landscaping. However, the new owners decided to erect buildings in the area. They blocked the road and uprooted all trees and shrubs and, according to citizens, constantly threaten the locals, who show discontent with what is happening near their homes.

"The problem needs to be looked into immediately. As far as I know, any construction is prohibited on this location. And pay attention of local law enforcement agencies to complaints from the locals," Irina Egorova instructed.

Many citizens are concerned about housing issues. A mother of many children was also among those, who had a chance to talk to the acting mayor. Marina's family has been on the line to improve housing conditions. It is not hard to understand the woman, who would like it to happen faster. However, according to the law, the city administration is not entitled to enlarge the living space for the family out of the lineup. The problem of housing for beneficiaries is a serious one in the region, especially for those residents, who do not have any extraordinary benefits.

However, Irina Egorova found a way to help Marina. Large families are eligible to receiving land for individual construction. Fifty Astrakhan parents with children are realizing the right soon. Their plots of land are located in the area of Volgograd highway. There will be schools, kindergartens, a sports stadium and shopping malls built there soon, as well as apartment buildings for large families.

"You as a large family have a great privilege to obtain a free plot of land for individual housing construction. As far as I know, you are fifth on the line there, which means that in the near future you will be able to get your land complete with a full package of documents," Irina Egorova explained to the woman. She added that after receiving the land, the woman's family would not drop out of the waiting list for housing improvements.

The above are only two questions of the one that were discussed ​​during the reception of citizens conducted by the acting mayor, her deputies and heads of departments. All requests were registered in the joint database. Every applicant will be personally informed on the decision made on their requests.

It should be noted that the national day of reception of citizens that was held in Astrakhan in accordance with the decree signed by President Vladimir Putin was not only an opportunity to address the acting mayor and other senior officials of the city administration with no additional effort taken. Meetings with the population are held regularly. Irina Egorova always finds time to consider not only global but also purely private problems of the residents of Astrakhan.


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