Girl Stabbed Herself to Avoid Second Rape

A 15-year-old friend of hers picked her up at her home and offered to spend time with him and two friends of his and drink some vodka
A 16-year-old girl with a stab-wound in the stomach and signs of rape was taken to the regional clinical hospital of Tyumen late on February 22. The girl's body was black and blue and the lips were badly hurt.

When the girl regained consciousness after anaesthesia next day, she told a 15-year-old friend of hers picked her up at her home. The guy offered to spend time with him and two friends of his and drink some vodka. The girl expected no trouble and agreed to go with the guys. The group came to the house of a 20-year-old man where they started drinking crude spirit. When the host was rather drunk, he started wooing the girl, the latter strongly objected and attempted to defend herself. But the drunken guy severely beat and raped the girl.

The 15-year-old guys blocked the door from outside at that moment and did not let the girl out. Even though she made desperate attempts to break loose from the man's grip, she failed. When the villain attempted to rape her for the second time, the girl threatened she would commit suicide and stabbed herself in the stomach.

Soon, concubine of the violator entered the house and made a row. The victim seized the opportunity to get out of the house. The bleeding girl only managed to reach a next-door shop where she became unconscious.

Next morning the violator and one of the girl's friends attempted to flee; later the violator came back to Tyumen and was taken to the police. The whereabouts of the teenager is still not clear. He called an investigator in the Prosecutor's Office Wednesday early and promised to surrender, reports.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson