USA deploys missile system in Eastern Europe to down Russian missiles, US scientists say

The dispute regarding the target of the US missile defense system in Eastern Europe has unexpectedly moved to the USA itself. Some of US outstanding scientists, many of whom participated in governmental programs, have released sensational statements. Having conducted an extensive research, they came to conclusion which the US administration previously rejected. The mission of the US anti-missile system in Europe is obvious: they will not be aimed against Iran. They will be aimed against Russian missiles. To put it in a nutshell, the US missile defense system in Eastern Europe will be deployed to down the missiles, which Russia may launch after a preventive strike on its territory.

US physicist at the Massachusetts of Technology, Theodore Postol, and his colleague George Lewis from Cornell University, say that the claim by the Missile Defense Agency is not correct. Other well-known US scientists, for example Richard Garwin, one of the developers of the hydrogen bomb, share the same opinion. Pavel Podvig, a research associate at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University, conducted his own independent research, the results of which coincided with those of Lewis and Postol.

Andrey Voronov, former officer of Russia’s Chief of Staff, spent many years studying the capacities of the US missile defense system. “The performance of its first echelons is much lower than that of the complexes that will be deployed in the Czech Republic and Poland. Russia’s new intercontinental ballistic missiles possess much better qualities than the missiles of older generations. The US ABM system is not capable anymore to intercept them soon after launch. The Czech radar will be created to fill this gap. US officials say that there will be only 10 or 20 missile interceptors deployed in Poland. However, they do not guarantee that the number will rise to 30 or a hundred interceptors. It means that Russia will not be able to cause irreparable damage to the enemy in the event an armed conflict occurs,” the specialist said.

Mikhail Delyagin, the Director of the Institute of Globalization Issues, believes that the US scientists made an obvious confession. “I do not think that the scientists simply wanted to do a bad turn to the US administration. This is not how things work in America if it goes about the national image and security. It is stupid to say that the missile defense system will be aimed against Iran – the country that does not have any missiles at all. Their acknowledgement is obvious: the USA sets up the missile defense system in Europe to intercept Russian missiles.

Based on the materials of Russian news agencies

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov