Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

The E.U. and the question of Kosovo

The E.U. and the question of Kosovo

The Secretary-General of the UNO, Ban Ki-moon, was in Lisbon on Monday to debate pressing international matters, among which are Palestine, Africa and Kosovo. However, regarding this Province of Serbia, it is neither the right of Ban Ki-moon, nor of the EU, nor of Portugal, to take any decision whatsoever. Mind your own business!

The frivolity and sheer arrogance with which Kosovo and its possible or eventual independence is referred to, is shocking, immoral, intrusive, meddlesome and beyond creating a very risky precedent, the notion goes against everything that the UNO has tried to do for the last half-century, namely the definitive recognition of established borders as a prerequisite for an international community that lives together in peace.

Being Kosovo an integral part of the Republic of Serbia, it belongs to Belgrade – and nobody else – the right to decide on whether or not this, its Province, has autonomy or any degree of independence, for the Albanians may constitute a majority in Kosovo but in the Republic of the Serbia, they are a minority. And Kosovo is Serbia, not Albania.

As usual, and regrettably, history has been distorted by western opinion makers and this approach goes hand-in-hand with the demonology cast against the Serbs, to aid Washington in its lobbying, with each member of NATO prostrating itself lower in an attempt of be even more servile than its partners in crime.

Little or nothing is mentioned that Kosovo is the central nervous system of Serbia, being the heart of the collective psyche of the Serb Nation and its people. Little or nothing has been written about the tens or hundreds of thousands of Albanian women that went to Kosovo to bear children, so that they could have a better life in the (then) Yugoslavia than in the Hell-hole from whence they came – the tribes of Albania.

Nothing was said about their constant claims for more and more autonomy, greater and greater self-professed “rights”, in this part of Serbia – a land that does not belong to these ethnic Albanians. As Serbia defended its own rights and those of its legitimate citizens within its own frontiers, and with Eltsin calling in favours in return for silence, a more perverse chapter opened – that of Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosoves – Kosovo Liberation Army, which was neither an army but rather, a band of opportunists and terrorists, nor had it anything to liberate, for Kosovo never has belonged, neither belongs, neither will ever belong to them – they have Albania.

The connections of the UCK to the American Congress are well known as also are the nets of drugs, arms and human trafficking which they control. Little or nothing was referred during the NATO terrorist acts in Kosovo and Serbia, while it massacred civilians and committed war crimes, that many Albanian girls fled towards the Serb lines to seek refuge, so as not to be sold in Italy by the UCK.

The only thing NATO’s terrorist and murderous policy managed to do, was not justice but instead, create a vacuum, since the Serbian Province of Kosovo was put under the administration of the UN in 1999.

Added to the absurd position of Martti Ahtisaari, the special Envoy for Kosovo (independence under international supervision) come now the worrying statements of Ban Ki-moon, that the earlier the question is resolved, the better. The European Union does not have any role whatsoever to play in determining what happens outside its borders, specially because it does not have any jurisdiction to alter the Constitution of the Republic of the Serbia, just as the UNO can only take decisions through the Security Council and its Charter does not permit it to unilaterally alter the Constitution of a legitimate State living in a climate of peace and harmony with its neighbours.

Any form of independence of Kosovo would open the door towards justifying an endless amount of "causes" and conflicts, therefore definitively erasing from the handbook of diplomacy the notion that the already established borders are inviolable.

If Portugal or the European Union consider that they have the right to deliberate about the future of Kosovo, let us present an analogy to put things into perspective: take the place where your nation was born, the essence of your nationality. Now let us imagine that citizens from another country, with different customs and religion, installed themselves there and during centuries, families practised a policy of having numerous children, ending up constituting a majority in that region.

Then let us imagine that they claimed their independence, formed a terrorist group (Army of Liberation of Whatever, against your country), got the support of Washington, which together with NATO, bombed your fellow countrymen who were fighting against this scourge of destabilization by terrorist, criminal and marginal elements. Then let us imagine that this “province” gained its independence, having its largest city as its “capital”.

For those who do not like the idea, they should mind their own business and set about solving the enormous problems caused by Western Europe’s centuries of imperialism and colonialism and the United States of America’s globalization of terrorism with its shock and awe tactics, concentration camps, torture, war crimes, mass murders, criminal negligence and its insolent approach to international relations.

These are questions to be solved by the international community, not Kosovo. Kosovo is Serbia and as such it is for the Serbs to solve as and when they please.