Author`s name Alex Naumov

Russians disagree with USA’s estimation of Russian internal affairs

Frequent reports from the US State Department about oppressive situation with human rights in Russia are nothing more than American discontent with Russia's independence. Such reports could also be considered as interference in Russia's internal affairs.

The majority of Russians share the above-mentioned point of view, according to the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre. About 50 percent of Russians think that the criticism from the US State Department is groundless. Russians accept the only point of criticism from the United States – hazing in the military.

The US State Department has recently criticized Russia for the violation of human rights. It was not the first time when Russia was criticized, however this time the criticism led to quite an impetuous reaction. The criticism was even discussed at the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The research centre decided to find out the views of the Russian people about US criticism.

Forty-seven percent of Russians think that the US criticism is groundless. 27 percent accept the American criticism. This point of view prevails among those supporting Vladimir Putin – 50 percent disagree with criticism and 25 percent accept it.

Sociologists asked respondents about possible reasons of American criticism. Forty percent of Russians are sure that the USA's concerns are based on its discontent with Russia's independence. About 27 percent think that the reason is connected with USA's biased attitude towards Russia its people. Sixteen percent suppose that criticizing Russia, the US administration intends to support pro-Western opposition forces in Russia. And only 14 percent believe that human rights are really violated in Russia, and the USA has every reason to worry about it. The idea of American discontent with Russia's independence is especially popular in Moscow and St. Petersburg – 55 percent.

About 57 percent of the polled believe that the US criticism should be interpreted as interference into Russian internal affairs. Twenty-three percent do not share this point of view considering the criticism to be a normal attitude to the situation in another country.

The only point of US criticism that most Russians (73 percent) agree on is the notorious army hazing.

Translated by Alexander Timoshik