Chavez calls Bush 'Devil,' suggests psychiatric help

The United States president George Bush has been called all sorts names by the nations frustrated with his administration! Their royal lips have labeled him a universal hegemon, an evil man and even a second Hitler. Some of the most creative titles were supplied by the leader of warm Venezuela - Hugo Chavez - who has appears to have a special personal interest in describing the American president.

However, today while identifying the true nature of the Commander in Chief from the White House, Mr. Chavez surpassed even himself. As he was given voice at the platform before the 61st session of the U.N. General Assembly the Latin-American leader who is a thorn in the side of its Northern neighbor called President Bush the Devil and told him to seek psychiatric help.

The reason behind the attacks must have been the U.S. president’s speech before the Assembly, in which he represented his nation the day before. George Bush addressed the heads of the Middle-Eastern states within the conflict zone. American leader was explaining to the people suffering from vilont wars that democracy is on the way to victory and that the terrorists soon will find themselves under a pile of historical rubble.

To say that the president’s promises and the actual state of things did not correspond, for the lack of a better term, would be to say nothing at all. In fact, the actual picture is an absolute contradiction to his declarations: Iraq is at the brink of another civil war, a fact which Kofi Annan highlighted in his final address; the situation in Lebanon is far from good; Iran has no intentions to abandon its nuclear ambitions despite the pressure from the West.

But that was not the ground for Hugo Chavez’s frustration. The hot-blooded Venezuelan snapped because President Bush tends to consider everyone evil, that is, everyone except for himself. At the same time in the eyes of the offended Latino politician the case is reversed.

In order to interpret George Bush’s statements one needs to consult a psychiatrist, he declared. “Wherever he turns he sees extremists,” Chavez continued to present his accusation, “The problem is not with us being extremists… The world is waking up; the world is beginning to raise itself up from its knees!” The fired-up speaker claimed that if the U.S. president would for once pay attention to what the people are actually asking, he would hear “Yankee, go home!”

The Venezuelan leader was so traumatized by the Mr. Bush’s speech that he even came up with a new name for it. “Last night’s address by the president is a script for Alfred Hitchcock,” he said, “I would call it ‘The Devil’s Recipe’.”

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya