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US secret services start zealous hunt for Russians working abroad

In recent times, it has become fashionable in the USA to reproach Russia almost daily for stepping back from democracy, imperialistic ambitions, and other such terrible sins. Has a new Cold War really not begun? The White House refuses to acknowledge these suspicions. But there is a “litmus paper”, which reveals the state of affairs precisely. This is the activity of the American special services.

As one old resident of the invisible front informed the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, the USA’s espionage department has suddenly zealously started recruiting Russian agents. This has not happened for many years. The US special services target Russians working abroad: diplomats, journalists, scientists and businessmen.

In the course of a few months, at Russian competent organs, dozens of declarations have accumulated from Russian citizens who have suffered the attack of the American knights of cloak and dagger.

Recently, for instance, a letter reached the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Washington from Aleksei Svejkovski and his wife Elena. They are Russian scientists, working under contract at the American National Centre for the Promotion of Technology.

In May, FBI agents unexpectedly turned up at the workplace of Aleksei and Elena and took the liberty of interrogating the couple. At first they accused them, without proof, of being spies, then they offered them jobs at the FBI, informing on Russian citizens who were of interest to the Americans. The interrogations lasted several hours. “An armed agent even accompanied me to the toilet”, writes Aleksei.

He refused to become a spy and two days later he was fired without explanation. “I turned to lawyers, but they all refused to take on my case as soon as they heard mention of the FBI”, complains Svejkovski.

Another such case ended even more tragically. On the 14th June, a member of the UN Commission for the search of chemical weapons in Iraq, 57-year-old Russian Vadim Zubrilin, was found dead at the foot of a New York tower block. The police confirmed that he had thrown himself from the window of his apartment. However, his family and friends testified that there had been no reasons for him to commit suicide. It is true that recently the Russian man had looked stressed. He himself had told representatives of the legation of the Russian Federation about the reasons for this before the UN. It turns out that a certain American named Alexander had been following him for a long time. Time after time he had pressurized Zubrilin to prepare, in exchange for money, expert opinions on Russian defense problems for a company working for the American government.

Representatives of the Russian diplomats asked the US officers to be more moderate and leave the authoritative UN official in peace. But a short while later, Zubrilin died… And what is particularly interesting is that the New York press, usually greedy for such stories, did not let slip a single word about the tragedy. Judge for yourselves what plans might be being hatched with regards to Russia across the ocean, if such methods are being used against its citizens.

Expert’s opinion: "They don’t like the fact that we are growing stronger"

Mikhail Grishankov, first deputy of the chairman of the State Duma Committee for Security:

"These insolent actions committed by the American special services in the spirit of the Cold War once again demonstrate that the USA is always striving to draw out double standards in their politics. Russia has been helping America for many years now in the war against international terrorism and has a right to at least count on a correct attitude to itself and its citizens. Instead of this, we are constantly coming across the same syndrome – "the wolf that eats and does not listen," of which Vladimir Putin has spoken. The aggressiveness of the CIA, the FBI and others alike corresponds to a political line in certain circles of American administration that do not wish for Russia’s resurrection as a powerful and authoritative world power. But this is exactly the way that things are going, and so they try, using all possible methods, to stake out our agent positions in order to control this process and perhaps even hinder it," the specialist said.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Leila Wilmers

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