Terrorist attack in Tel Aviv signals the start of war between Israel and Palestine

The international community quickly reacted to yesterday's act of terrorism (see pictures) in a busy street of Tel Aviv. Needless to say that the West condemns the actions of Palestine in particular and terrorism on the whole.

The USA and the EU unanimously urged the Palestinian administration to strengthen the struggle against terrorism, which still causes too many deaths among civilians. The US administration accused the Palestinian administration of the tragedy and described the event as a disgusting act of terror that cannot be either explained or justified. An official spokesman for the US president said that Hamas did not hamper the existence of terrorist organizations and could even encourage subversive activities on certain occasions.

Washington believes that the government of Hamas could either initiate or participate in the terrible action of the suicide bomber. US officials think that the new Palestinian leadership patronizes terrorist groups and funds their criminal activities. Scott McClellan stated that such a position of the Palestinian administration could lead to very serious consequences if the countries interested in the regulation of the Mideastern conflict took adequate measures at this point.

As for the Palestinian administration itself, Mahmoud Abbas strongly condemned yesterday’s terrorist attack in Israel, which killed nine people. Hamas, however, attempted to justify extremist actions and thus ended the undeclared armistice with Israel which started after the movement’s victory at elections in Palestine. Sami Abu Zuhri, an official spokesperson for Hamas, said that the terrorist act in Tel Aviv was a reasonable reaction to the aggression of Israeli Armed Forces. Zuhri added that Palestinians could use any methods in the struggle for justice.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan also contributed to the discussion of yesterday’s explosion in Tel Aviv. Annan promised to do his best to put an end to aggression between Palestine and Israel. Kofi Annan plans to discuss the problem with Russia, the USA, the EU and the UN on May 9 in New York. The Foreign Minister of Russia supports the absolute rejection of terrorist means of struggle, and so does Austria, the incumbent chairman of the European Union.

However, several countries were ready to lay at least a part of the blame on Israel. Malaysian Ambassador Hamidon Ali stated that Israel was using too much of its military power against Palestine. Palestinian official Riyad Mansour tried to convince Israel in the need to stop violating international rights and expressed his sympathies in connection with the death of civilian people, both Israelis and Palestinians.

The majority of politicians believe that yesterday’s terrorist attack signaled the start of the war between Palestine and Israel. Israeli Air Force struck a workshop in Gaza yesterday (see pictures), where Palestinians were supposedly making war missiles.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

AP photo

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov