Afghan warlord certain US troops to leave Afghanistan soon

The person, who declared Jihad on the USA, used to be a CIA's protege

Afghan warlord and politician Gulbuddin Hekmatyar called upon the people of Afghanistan to launch Jihad against the USA. The US authorities have been trying to capture Hekmatyar for quite a long time on the allegation of terrorist activities. The politician has apparently decided to take the initiative in his own hands and to declare Jihad on the country, which used to be supportive to him.

Hekmatyar made a 22-minute speech on the matter, urging the Afghans to wage the holy war against the United States, AFP reports. The CD of the warlord's speech contains footage of violence against Muslims in Indonesia, Iraq, Palestine and other states.

The war in Afghanistan and Iraq is the crusaders' second war against Muslims, Hekmatyar believes, with America leading the crusaders this time.

"Our jihad will continue till the destruction of America, Britain and Israel and till the liberation of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan," stated Hekmatyar. "We have lots of young fighters who are ready to sacrifice their lives and wealth to safe the religion,” he added.

According to the warlord, the Afghan resistance will do everything possible in their struggle and even use suicide bombers for conducting terrorist acts in the country: "If they cannot fight in an organized front they can risk their lives and carry out suicide guerrilla attacks which have given great defeats to the enemy," Hekmatyar said.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar heads the Hezb-i-Islami fundamentalist group. Its warriors are said to be a part of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, waging guerrilla warfare against the military men of Western countries. For the time being, there are over 17,000 US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. Washington proclaimed Hekmatyar a terrorist and put him on wanted list for his attempts to destabilize Hamid Karzai's government that enjoys the support of the West.

Hekmatyar is a former prime minister. He was one of the most famed warlords, who struggled against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. Ironically, the person, who has just declared Jihad on the USA, used to be a CIA's protege, and had quite close ties with Pakistani special services. He was hiding in Iran during the Taliban regime and declared Jihad on Karzai's government afterwards. Hekmatyar had to move back to Afghanistan over the fear of being detected in Iran, and is still hiding there. Hekmatyar followed Osama bin Laden's example and started making video tapes and compact disks with his appeals to the nation to wage the holy war against the crusaders.

It is noteworthy that Gulbuddin Hekmatyar did not hesitate to accept help from those crusaders to defeat the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. However, Hekmatyar has never reached out his hand to the crusaders: he did not even shake President's Reagan's hand. The CIA continued supporting Hekmatyar afterwards despite the abundant criticism that he was getting even from several US congressmen. The US government believed that he was commanding most efficient soldiers in their struggle against the Soviet troops.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar's warriors are now struggling against the American soldiers. He said in November of 2003 that Americans would leave Afghanistan sooner or later. Pakistan would stay, he added, that is why he called upon the Pakistani administration to decline the American support. It was quite a serious blow for Washington, for it considered Islamabad a staunch ally in the struggle against the international terrorism.

Hekmatyar also said a year ago that the US troops failed to do anything in Afghanistan. He stated that Washington would not be able to stand the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that it would withdraw the troops from Afghanistan.

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Author`s name Olga Savka