Americans are afraid of North Korea most of all

China poses the biggest threat to the USA as far as the economical field is concerned

Zogby International conducted an opinion poll among US citizens in an attempt to find out, which countries represent the greatest military, economic and cultural danger for the USA. Such a wording can not but raise doubts as far as their correctness is concerned. However, the results of the poll are quite interesting, although one may not say that they became a sensational revelation.

Judging upon the results of the poll, Americans are not afraid of Russia at all. Only two percent of US respondents said that they considered Russia dangerous for the USA from the military point of view. In addition, about two percent of Americans are concerned with Russia's economic potential, whereas one percent of respondents said that Russia could be culturally detrimental to the USA.

Americans are afraid of North Korea most of all. Thirty-seven respondents said that they were deeply concerned about Kim Jong-il and his hypothetical A-bomb. Twenty-two percent said that they were afraid of China and 18 percent of US citizens expressed their concerns about Iran. One may come to conclusion that American citizens are expecting foreign policy solutions from the incumbent and the future president of the United States (if Bush loses the election). On the other hand, the powers that be have done a lot to convince the American society of the reality of such issues.

China poses the biggest threat to the USA as far as the economical field is concerned. This opinion was expressed by 52 percent of respondents. One may not say that such an opinion is highly surprising. Sixteen percent of Americans believe that there is no such danger at all. Eleven percent said that they were afraid of the economic potential of Japan, and ten percent of respondents were concerned about the EU's economy, the Washington ProFile reports.

It is noteworthy that China poses the biggest cultural threat to the USA too. This opinion is shared by 14 percent of US citizens. The European Union follows China at this point – 11 percent. The concerns about the Japanese cultural influence are the smallest in the States – only two percent. However, 63 percent of Americans are not afraid of the cultural threat from any foreign country at all. The American pop culture has been showing considerable influence on the world for decades – the USA is beyond competition at this point.

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Author`s name Olga Savka