Laura Bush, she who is not without sin

My thanks to a who sent this reporter a ‘tip’.
Apparently, Laura Bush is also not without sin.  Kitty Kelly, the author of the hard biting new book about the Bush family dynasty has used the Freedom of Information Act to do a little digging. 

America’s First Lady, is a killer - she ran a stop sign and broadsided Michael Dutton Douglas’s small (Corvair) car, killing him instantly. She and the Bush propaganda machine have covered this up for 41 years.

Laura Bush’s excuse – she did not see the young mans headlights.  No investigation was done, Ms. Laura did not receive any citations, and there things sat for 41 years.

And what of the stories that are starting to surface the Ms. Laura not only used drugs in college, but sold them too. 

Ms. Kelly is certainly not going to make any friends with the Bush family, but her book is going to shed some interesting light of the dark secrets behind the man and his wife who occupy the throne of America.

This again begs the question to be asked – how did the two of them ever get the security clearances needed for the positions they hold?  Who in the FBI covered the unequal tracks of two people who used drugs and did some less than honorable things, and now hold the reign of power?

Now, this leads to other questions, did Bush’s father use his position to bury the misdeeds of George W and Laura Bush? 

At least Jimmy Swaggert, another Re-Born Christian, had the fortitude to stand up and speak the words: “I have sinned”.   But, of course he was following the doctrines of being a Re-Born Christian.  Too bad his role model has not influenced the two Re-Born Christians occupying the White House.  What we are getting is: “Somebody else, not us, has sinned”

As more details come out, this reporter will bring to the readers.  We have a right to know.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova