Black bear busted after drinking 36 cans of bear

There apparently was something very unusual about this particular black bear that was found sleeping in a commons area of a Washington State campground. 
Normally bears don’t have this sort of behavior. 

The park rangers were called in to investigate.  What they found was a two year old black bear very much asleep, but the rangers noticed something else – a significant number of empty beer cans. 

It seems that the bear wandered into the camping area looking for a midnight snack – this is not that unusual. But what puts a funny twist to the story is that the bear also decided to enjoy the beer he found in a cooler. 

First he tried a couple of cans of Busch beer and that wasn’t to his liking, so the bear switched to the Rainier Beer, which he preferred and consumed 34 of those.  After his drinking binge, the bear must have passed out.  

The rangers got the bear to wake up, and they tried to chase him away.  That night, the bear returned, probably looking for more beer.  The rangers lured the bear into a trap, captured it and took it to another part of the truck. 

A word to the wise – when camping in Washington State, don’t bring Rainer Beer.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova