Is South Carolina going to secede again?

South Carolina, under the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Revolutionary War, was deemed a sovereign nation.
A Christian group is taking this to heart and plans action. is put out that our government doesn’t follow far right wing Christian practices and is gathering individuals who want to live under a sole Christian government, for a mass move to South Carolina. 

The group’s founders complain that abortion is still legal, “No Child Left Behind” has resulted in spending on public schools "exploding," a Ten Commandments monument was ordered removed from an Alabama courthouse and there has been no progress on getting a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

The group has found sympathies with the South Carolina League of the South.  Both share a common dream and that is complete independence from the US within 20 years.  Presently, one out of every five people living in South Carolina favors seceding from the union.  If can rally their members into moving to South Carolina they could raise the number of people living in the state favoring secession to a majority.

Bible belt Southern conservatives and right wing Christian groups are taking shots at the Republican Party and the present administration. cites "we saw that the Republicans had no intention of fixing anything"  "They're not conservative, so we were at the end of our rope. We thought, 'We need to do something serious here.' "

The Southern Poverty Law Center, the watch dog of hate groups in the United States, observes there are higher concentrations of "antigovernment extremists" in parts of South Carolina than anywhere else in the United States. These "antigovernment extremists" also hold deep Christian convictions, but with a twist centered on racism and white supremacy.  

Claiming Christian persecution, the exodus movement wants to find more hospitable grounds, and South Carolina just seems like a nice place to be.  

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova