Georgia getting ready for major war

Georgian president spent millions of dollars on weaponry
At night of August 11, three battalions of Georgian peacekeeping forces were on alert because of the constant exchanges of fire near the villages of Tamarasheni, Vanati and Prici in the area of conflict between Georgians and Ossetians.

There was firing not only from small arms, but also from mortars, the peacekeepers’ Command reported. The peacekeepers’ request to cease fire was ignored.

Meanwhile, Georgia stated that on Wednesday night Georgian villages of Eredvi and Tamarasheni were fired from small arms. There were no victims of the fire, but Georgian policemen had to fire back.

In turn, the authorities of South Ossetia claim that the 2 citizens of this unrecognized republic were wounded by fire, and village Sarabuk was destroyed. According to Chairman of the Committee on Information and Press Irina Gagloeva, “Georgians started firing all over the territory of South Ossetia, South Ossetian towns and villages underwent massive fire”.

The overall situation in the Caucasus region, and the situation in South Ossetia in particular, results from the US plans to pursue US hegemony. This plan was made public (either extreme cynicism or result of realizing the US domination), it is called “Project for New American Century”. The Caucasus region is a chessboard, and The US players move chess figure along this board, Saakashvili in particular. Recently Georgian President visited the USA, he reported the work he had done, and asked for new money loans. A was is not cheap.

Georgia purchases weapons on the US loans. The experts believe that enough weapons were purchased by Georgia to fight several weeks of war. A CEO of an international company who did not want his name to be revealed, said in a Vedomosti interview that several weeks ago, a ship arrived in the Georgian port of Poti. The ship carried shells for howitzers and tanks, portative grenade cup discharges and grenades for them. According to the source, Georgia paid $5 million for the weapons on the ship.

Georgia is purchasing weapons in the other countries – 1,000 Tavor rifles for Georgian special force were bought in Israel (at the sum of $1 million). The Ukrainian plant named after Malyshev, completes its work on the $20 million contract to repair several dozens of Georgian armored vehicles and supply several tanks to Georgia.

This all looks like preparations for a real war. Americans are glad: their plan on releasing the former Soviet republics from Russian influence, and disintegrating Russia, is being implemented successfully.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova