A one woman crusade has now become a major political force to be reckoned with

Just after the 1989 of a California bank, in which two crimers, using assault weapons, held half of Los Angeles Police Department pinned down for almost 45 minutes, one woman started Citizens for a Safer Minnesota.  

So often, we hear only the negative things about Americans, and there doesn t seem to be a whole lot of good.  CSM is a positive American experience. 

Today, CSM has grown and gained the respect of Minnesota Legislators and Law Enforcement.  Their single objective is sane and rational guns laws. 

The group has also become a bane to the National Rifle Association.  A reputation CSM apparently enjoys.  

The NRA wants all gun control laws stripped from the books, and you can see their demands at www.nraleaders.com.   

CSM, at www.endgunviolence.com, is working towards better gun control. 

In 2003, the Minnesota Legislate passed the Conceal and Carry law under questionable circumstances.  CSM geared up for the fight to repeal the very, very relaxed CCW law.  And, a fight it was, but their fight culminated with a Minnesota court repelling the CCW law passed in 2003. 

CSM was joined by two high powered law firms and dozens of churches.  They finally got their day in court and proved that the new CCW had been passed in violation of Minnesota Law, and violated the civil rights of those who do not want guns on their premises.  Also, they successfully argue that the new CCW allowed people to carry guns in their churches violated freedom of religious expression of the other congregants.  

It rather difficult to claim one is a member of a religion of peace and still carries a side arm to church. 

The relaxed CCW was spearheaded by Rep. Boudreau of Minnesota.  The bill had been attached to a non related DNR bill and sent to the governor for signing.  This violated Minnesota Law that says: One Subject, One Bill.  So far, Rep. Boudreau, has refused a subpoena to testify before her peers to explain her actions. 

Boudreau actions ram-rodded a law down the throats of a clear majority, to include Law Enforcement, that were opposed to the relaxed law. 

CSM braced for the fight and got more support than they could have ever hoped for. 

In the hearing, the State of Minnesota put up a lack luster defense, and the law was repealed.  Now, thanks to the efforts of CSM, the State Attorney General said he may appeal, but is investigating the legality of the permits issued under the 2003 CCW law.   

This reporter has spent time with the group and found them totally dedicated to their cause.  The group consists of people who want sane gun control laws, closing of gun loop holes, tougher CCW laws, and ending the violence on our streets. 

They are not gun grabbers as they have been accused of.  They acknowledge that the Second Amendment does provide for gun ownership, but not gun insanity. They don t go off into rants; they deliver their message in clear tones with the methods and logic of a tempered attorney.  Just the facts, which they deliver with a smile. 

The group also follows the money much to the NRA s chagrin.  In 2002, Representative John Kline was given a gift of $19,150.00 by the NRA.  Senator Norm Coleman was given a gift of $18,150.00 from the NRA.   

CSM is working with other groups trying to extend the Assault Weapons ban set to expire on 13 September 2004.  Bush has said he d sign the ban extension IF it reached his desk, but the extension of being bogged down in the US Senate and the bill can t make it to the floor of the Senate for vote.  The keyword operative is IF the bill makes it.   This reporter believes though, CSM s fight to extend the ban will be met with failure because of too much resistance in the US Senate.  

One thing CSM and her sister organizations have going against them with the Assault Rifle Ban is the NRA's presidential endorsement.  The NRA is 3,000,000 members strong and an endorsement from them will give a candidate a 3 million vote lead on the spot.  The NRA is holding this dagger right at Bush' s throat. 

However, CSM and its sister organizations have an ace up their sleeves in a poll conducted by the magazine Field and Stream, 65% of the hunters polled said that they do not consider military style assault weapons as legitimate sporting firearms. 

This reporter wants to share some of the positive aspects of Americans in action.  It is groups like Citizens for a Safer Minnesota that make one feel there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.  I ask that you send an e-mail in support of CSM, their web site address is:


Congratulations, CSM, and thank you. 

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova